Attendance Requirements

As explained in the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, each member needs to
meet the following requirements:  
          - Attend or make up at least 50% of your Rotary club meetings in each half
            of the year

          - Attend at least 30% of your club's meetings in each half of the year

          - A member may not miss of fail to make up four consecutive meetings

          - Any missed meeting must be made up within 14 days before or after the 
            regular meeting.


There are many ways that you can still receive attendance credit if you cannot 
attend your club meeting.  All of the below must be properly reported to our 
Secretary for attendance recording.

          - Attend a meeting of another club

          - Attend a meeting of Rotaract or Interact club, Rotary Community Corps,
            or Rotary Fellowship

          - Attend certain district or RI meetings

          - Participte in club-sponsored event or service project

          - Attend a club board or service committee meeting with authorization of 
            the club board

          - Participate in an eClub meeting for at least 30 minutes